We're here to answer your Plumbing Questions...

Here are some common plumbing questions and answers that may be of some help to you. Remember to always talk to a professional plumber to get the best and most accurate plumbing information.

Question: My toilet keeps running long after it’s been flushed. What’s the problem with my toilet?

Answer: There a few possible issues. There may be a loose fit with the flapper and water keeps seeping through. You can usually tell if this is the problem just by applying pressure on the flapper to see if stops running.

Question: My water bill this month is much higher than normal. Do I have a water leak?

Answer: It could be a water leak. Even if you can’t hear the leak or see the leak, it may be hidden under your home. A slab leak is difficult to find, so you will have to call in a professional leak detection service to find a leak.

Question: My kitchen sink is backing up or clogged. What’s wrong?

Answer: It could be a few things. Your drain just may be clogged. It may also be your dishwasher is backing into the kitchen sink from a clog. A plumber can often use a camera inspection to locate the problem if it’s a bigger problem like a clogged sewer line.

It’s a good idea to have a plumber you already know and trust before you have any of these plumbing questions to deal with.